Britain's Butterflies
A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain and Ireland - Fully Revised and Updated Third Edition
David Newland, Robert Still, Andy Swash & David Tomlinson


Britain's Butterflies is a comprehensive and beautifully designed photographic field guide to the butterflies of Britain and Ireland. Containing hundreds of stunning colour photographs, this revised and updated edition provides the latest information on every species ever recorded. It covers in detail the identification of all 59 butterfly species that breed regularly, as well as four former breeders, 10 rare migrants and one species of unknown status. The easy-to-use format will enable butterfly-watchers—beginners or experts—to identify any species they encounter.

  • Stunning colour plates show typical views of each butterfly species, including the various forms and aberrations
  • Detailed species profiles cover adult identification; behaviour; habitat requirements; population and conservation; egg, caterpillar and chrysalis; and status and distribution, including up-to-date maps
  • Photographs of egg, caterpillar and chrysalis for every breeding species
  • Sections on biology, where to look for and how to identify butterflies and other essential information

David Newland has been a butterfly enthusiast since boyhood. He is the author of Discover Butterflies in Britain and the coauthor of Britain's Day-flying Moths (both WILDGuides). Robert Still, the cofounder of WILDGuides, is an ecologist and graphic artist, and has designed more than thirty of its titles. Andy Swash, the managing director of WILDGuides, is an ecologist and wildlife photographer. Swash and Still are the coauthors of a number of books, including Britain's Habitats, Britain's Dragonflies, Britain's Day-flying Moths and Britain's Sea Mammals (all WILDGuides). David Tomlinson is a freelance writer on wildlife and the countryside, and first became interested in butterflies as a schoolboy in the early 1960s.