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Ruth O'Brien, Series Editor

The Public Square series showcase some of the world's finest public intellectuals writing on topics at the forefront of public discourse. It features authors--be they professors, journalists, essayists, poets, or novelists--whose distinctive voices resonate both within, and far beyond, the confines of the academy. Artful, accessible, and analytical, their essays contribute to international dialogue, shape and frame national debates, and engage with enduring and fundamental questions.

The Advisory Board:

Eric Alterman
K. Anthony Appiah
Alan Brinkley
Mitchell Cohen
Martha Fineman
Ira Katznelson
Robin D. G. Kelly
Gara LaMarche
Lewis H. Lapham
Nicholas Lemann
Doug McAdam
Louis Menand
James Morone
Jo-Ann Mort
David Nasaw
Victor Navasky
Anne Norton
Frances Fox Piven
John Podesta
Jill Quadagno
Rogers Smith
Deborah Stone
Philipa Strum
Cass Sunstein
Neera Tanden
Cichael Walzer
William Julius Wilson