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James P. McClure, Series Editor

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson is a projected 60-volume series containing not only the 18,000 letters written by Jefferson but also, in full or in summary, the more than 25,000 letters written to him. Including documents of historical significance as well as private notes not closely examined until their publication in the Papers, this series is an unmatched source of scholarship on the nation's third president.

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson Digital Edition

Princeton University Press, Rotunda at University of Virginia Press, and the Papers of Thomas Jefferson project at Princeton University are proud to announce that The Papers of Thomas Jefferson Digital Edition was added to Rotunda’s American Founding Era digital collection. Included are the first 33 volumes of the print edition (publication dates through 2006). Edited by Barbara B. Oberg, this XML-based edition is the perfect entrance to the extensive writings of our third president, author of the Declaration of Independence, champion of religious freedom, architect, inventor, master of Monticello, and founder of the University of Virginia. Users can search this life in letters by name, date, author and recipient; they can even conduct French-language searches. IN addiition, this digital edition contains the first eight volumes of the Jefferson Papers Retirement series, edited by J. Jefferson Looney. For more information, see: Princeton University Press blog

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson at Princeton University