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Gene M. Grossman, Series Editor
The International Economics Section of Princeton University and Princeton University Press are proud to announce a new series of original books in international economics.

The Princeton Series in International Economics will include commissioned works by leading scholars in international trade, international macroeconomics, and international finance. The volumes will address broad and lively topics ranging from trade and the environment to the causes and spread of financial crisis. They will span the important policy and research topics in international economics and help to define and direct scholarship throughout the field. The series will be geared for scholars working in economics and political science and for policy professionals in government, businesses, and international organizations. In addition, the Series books will be appropriate for students in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in international trade, international finance, international macroeconomics, and international political economy.

The subject of this series--international trade and financ--has been at the heart of modern economic analysis since the days of Adam Smith and David Ricardo, and remains as lively and controversial as ever before. The gradual integration of the modern world economy, to say nothing of the protectionist regimes, monetary devaluations, booms, depressions, and wars that have punctuated this integration, have provided international economists with a steady stream of problems to place under the analyst’s lens. Accumulating supplies of data over the decades have helped international economists hone their models. Insights from emerging fields as diverse as game theory, asset pricing, growth theory, development economics, and formal political theory have informed modern theories of international trade and finance, and have been enriched by them.

The International Economics Section of Princeton University has been a major center of scholarship in this important field for nearly a century. The IES (formerly the International Finance Section) was established in 1929 as an affiliate of Princeton’s Department of Economics to promote research and research training in international economics. Its members have included eminent international economists such as Edwin Kemmerer, Frank Graham, Jacob Viner, Fritz Machlup, and Peter Kenen. The Section is perhaps best known for its prestigious publication series, which have included the Essays in International Economics and the Princeton Studies in International Economics.

We envision a vigorous global readership for the new Princeton Series in International Economics.

“The series sponsored by the Princeton International Economics Section is great. What they are proposing is a series of books by the leading scholars in the field that will, I feel, help to define the subject for the next generation of students and scholars.”--James Robinson, University of California, Berkeley

“I would find it extremely convenient to have periodic overviews of the state of play in international economics written by acknowledged authorities, vetted by a reliable source, and of sufficient length so as to be comprehensive and allow for the full development of ideas, yet not so long and unnecessarily technical so as to unduly tax the professional reader’s limited time. This new series seems designed to fit the bill on all of these counts.”--Peter J. Montiel, Williams College

“A series of short books on various aspects of international economics will be a valuable resource for the large community of scholars in the field. This series will allow established researchers to cover both the theoretical and empirical aspects of their topic in an in-depth and self-contained way. The editors are well-suited to making the right decisions and the proposed topics indicate that they are interested in covering recent developments in the field, as well a