Browse Princeton's Series (by Title) in Princeton Readings in Religions

Donald S. Lopez Jr., Series Editor
Adopting a fresh approach to sourcebooks on the religions of the world, Princeton Readings in Religions moves away from an emphasis on philosophy and the religious expressions of elite groups to represent instead a wide range of current and historical religious practices. The series provides a new configuration of texts by making available for the first time works that have never been translated before. Although the books are designed for students, specialists will discover in them a wealth of unfamiliar and valuable material. Furthermore, the selections, appealing in themselves, are placed in an understandable context for a wide audience of general readers.

The contributors include experts from around the world, each of whom provides a substantial introduction for his or her piece, placing the text in time and genre and discussing the history and influence of the work, identifying points of particular difficulty or interest. Each volume also contains a substantial general introduction in which the history of the traditions is outlined and the significance of the works included is explored.