Browse Princeton's Series (by Title) in Princeton Illustrated Checklists

Princeton Illustrated Checklists provide succinct text, thumbnail maps, and illustrations of all species to be encountered in a specific region. They can be used in conjunction with a more traditional field guide or as a valuable stand-in if no such guide exists.

"Princeton University Press is famous for its comprehensive field guides, but they also offer the Princeton Illustrated Checklists, which are small enough to stuff in-to your glove compartment, carry-on luggage, the inside pocket of a windbreaker or the back pocket of jeans. Quite capable of substituting for a field guide in a pinch, but also facilitating the checking off of various bird species seen or heard, each edition contains professionally rendered plates illustrating all of the species in the geographic area covered by the book, enough textual highlights to help identify a given bird, and useful range maps."--David Bird, The Montreal Gazette