Browse Princeton's Series (by Title) in Politics and Society in Modern America

William H. Chafe, Gary Gerstle, Linda Gordon and Julian Zelizer, Series Editors
This wide-ranging series in twentieth-century U.S. political history presents not only works that represent the best of traditional political history but also those that integrate insights and methodologies of social and cultural history, challenge conventional periodizations, and situate the American political experience in a comparative framework.

These interpretative works focus on issues that recently have begun to alter our understanding of the twentieth century: gender and the state; labor, business, and the New Deal; race and social policy; the construction of nationhood and nationalism; the Cold War and American culture; deindustrialization and urban politics; the rise and fall of the administrative state; the changing character of American liberalism; and the history of conservative thought and conservative social movements.

The series, which includes both established and younger scholars, features exceptional works on the presidents, political institutions, reform movements, and other traditional topics in political history. It seeks to bring some coherence to the rich monographic literature that has appeared in recent years, and thereby give the remarkable American Century the history it deserves.