Browse Princeton's Series (by Title) in Jews, Christians, and Muslims from the Ancient to the Modern World

Michael Cook, William Chester Jordan and Peter Schäfer, Series Editors
Jews, Christians, and Muslims is a series intended to capture the increasingly sophisticated attention paid by scholars in recent decades to the historical relations--political, social, intellectual, and cultural--among these three groups. Some of the studies will focus on just two groups, others on all three. The editors hope to publish innovative and broadranging scholarship that will address a wide array of issues, such as political and economic conflict, religious, intellectual and social interactions, and mutual influences in ritual, liturgy, imagery, symbols, literature, law, family, and other spheres. The series will include work from Late Antiquity through the eighteenth century and is meant to be broadly historical. Submission of manuscripts that fruitfully incorporate methods and insights from other disciplines, including but not limited to law, religion, literary studies, anthropology, art history, and sociology, is encouraged.